Art After Dark

art after darkOn September 28, poets from California State University, Bakersfield collaborated with the Bakersfield Museum of Art as part of their “Art After Dark” series to present poems inspired by the work on display by the artists Gwynn Murrill, Javier Carrillo, and Astrid Preston.  Thanks to the vision and hard work of Development Coordinator Alli Duncan and Curator Rachel Magnus, the event was a smashing success, and thanks to support by Curt Asher, Dean of the Walter Stiern Library, and Robert Frakes, Dean of the School of Arts & Humanities at CSUB, the attendees were given a chapbook featuring the poems and art that inspired them.  We hope to make this an annual event exploring the ekphrastic connection between different art forms.  I owe Astrid Preston an extra level of gratitude for painting “Kings Canyon, 1993-1995,” the inspiration for my own poem, “Since, or Sense.”



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